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Minorities in Canada

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Gyártó: Marcus Kracht

Knowledge and Material Culture

How much knowledge can we afford

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Inspire and be inspired

This book may serve as an example of this effort. Edited and produced in close cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities of Károli Gáspár University, Budapest, and the Hungarian and German National Associations for Supervision and Coaching (MSZCT, DGSv), it offers relevant research reports by 22 scholars from all over Europe. Its aim is to inspire practitioners as much as researchers have been - and are - inspired by them.

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The volume Minorities in Canada – Intercultural Investigations contains sixteen papers written by scholars based in Canada, Western and Central Europe. The multidisciplinary collection offers reflections on ongoing minority-related discourses in Canada ranging from philosophy through healthcare and anthropology to literary studies. Centering around two main thematic nodes, Canadian ethnic communities and Indigenous peoples, the papers included in the volume discuss various inter- and transcultural issues such as the impact of one community on the other, how policy making has affected a particular community, communal memory, in-betweenness, identity shifts, cultural appropriation, problems and conflicts arising from inter- and transcultural encounters as well as suggestions as to how these can be reconciled.


Szerzők(vesszővel elválasztva) Miklós Vassányi, Judit Nagy, Mátyás Bánhegyi, Dóra Bernhardt, Enikő Sepsi
megjelenés 2020
méret 155×240 mm
terjedelem 324 oldal
kötés ragasztókötött


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